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I enjoy music, art, literature and most other left brained activities.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dermatology Office Design

Completed Fall 2009

The Concept is the Action of Going In and Out.

It originated from the painting "One" by Alex Grey, which illustrates a person looking into their own being to discover truth and oneness of their body, mind and soul. To be content in life, a person must accept and love all parts of themselves; a dermatologist has the power to help people do this. They change the outside appearance of a person, but not without affecting their inner being as well. This motion of in and out comes to life in my design through the principles of gradation and repetition, while using the elements of line, shape, size, and value. The space will prompt both inner and outer healing at Quartz Dermatology.

Bubble diagram planning to visualize adjacencies.
Place the bubbles inside the space, staying true to adjacencies.

Spaces are more realistically shaped.
Floor Plan with applied Flooring Texture

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Rendered Floor Plan

Rendered RCP